To ensure everyone has an enjoyable Drive-In experience, please observe the following policies:

• 5 mph speed limit (children at play).
• All of our spaces between posts are designed for 2 vehicles. Please park as close to the
• posts as possible.
• Anyone caught moving a post will be evicted from the premises with no refund.
• Be courteous; don’t spread out into the next space.
• Please do not sit or place anything on top of any vehicle. It obstructs other patrons'
...view of the screen. 
• Lawn chairs and blankets must be put in front of your vehicle - not beside it.
• Pull in or back in parking only.
• Vehicles taller than six (6) feet may be required to move if blocking the view of a
...previously parked car.
• Open hatches cannot be higher than the vehicle itself.
• Vehicles taller than six (6) feet tall must park in the rear row of the lot.
• No running generators or diesel engines permitted.
• We encourage customers to sit outside, but conversations must be kept to a whisper.
• No loud music permitted.
• No vulgar or profane language as many families enjoy our drive-in.
• Parents are responsible for their children (safety and conduct).
• No one is permitted in the playground area after the start of the first movie.
• No grills of any kind permitted and no fire larger than a candle.
• Sparklers and/or fireworks are not permitted on the property.
• Please use your parking lights when entering and exiting the lot during the movie.
• No refunds due to unpleasant weather (only by managers approval)
• We are not responsible for typographical errors in the media.
• Violation of any of these policies will result in immediate eviction from the property.